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What You Need To Know About Ethanol


Having trouble starting your equipment at the beginning of the season?  Having more carburetor problems or replacing fuel lines frequently?  Poor overall performance?
Then the new ethanol based fuels may be to blame....

Ethanol is an alcohol based additive in gasoline that can wreak havoc on your engine.  Ethanol is also know as E-10 and is sold at almost every gas station across the nation.  Even though ethanol has some benefits (it's a renewable resource, reduces pollution, is cheap to make and reduces our dependency on foreign fuels), it does have some down sides as well - especially for your engine.  One of the major problems with ethanol is that its a great solvent and will loosen old gum and varnish deposits in your gas tank, darkening the fuel and allowing the deposits to float freely in the tank.  This will lead to frequently clogged fuel filters and injectors and an overall poor performance.  The solvent in E-10 will also eat through fuel line and cause major carburetor problems.  E-10 is also hygroscopic, meaning it will attract water from the air and pull it into the gasoline.  The water will then bond with the ethanol and will sink to the bottom of your gas tank since it is heavier than the gasoline.  This process is know as "Phase Separation".  Once the fuel separates your octane rating will lower and performance problems will arise.  Using a fuel additive like Star*Tron will break the bond between the ethanol and water molecules allowing them to run through your engine undetected, break down and disperse the sludge in your gas tank, and will also stabilize the fuel for 1-2 years.

Here at Grimes Mower Service, we recommend using a fuel treatment, like Star Tron, in all your home maintenance equipment.

For More Information On Star*Tron Fuel Additive & Ethanol - Please visit www.mystarbrite.com/startron